Amongst services we offer; We also supply and deliver PPE, COVID-19 material and chemicals. Some of our services are:

Deep Cleaning Services

Our highly trained Heavy Duty Cleaning Team, utilize specialized decontamination that focus directly on removing
built up body fats, grease and grime.

Cross contamination and spreading of bacteria is
controlled through the application of HACCP compliant,
colour coded cleaning principles.

Pest Control

We pride ourself in protecting the health, food and
wellbeing of our customers, including property safety
standards with reliability we are known for.

As Pest Control Specialists, we are equiped to help eliminate and prevent general pest issues such as household insects, rodents and other pests for both residential and commercial customers throughout South Africa.

COVID-19 Special Services

  • Factories and Offices re-opening fumigation and
    deep cleaninig plans
  • School re-opening fumigation and Deep Cleaning plans
  • Fumigation and Deep Cleaning services as a preparation
    for re-opening
  • Continuous fumigation and deep cleaning
  • Supply and delivery of sanitizers and masks
  • Fumigation Services

  • Container Fumigation (Import and Export) Certificates
    issued per ISPM15 regulations
  • Stack fumigation / wooden structures
  • Bales and Cartons
  • Tobacco, Cotton and Dry Goods (Beans, Rice, Nuts etc.)
  • Bulk and contained stacks
  • Buildings, pallets and in-transit fumigation.
  • Flowbins Services

    On our flowbins services we use various chemicals such as Enviro Disinfectant, an RTU(Ready To Use) sterilizer, sanitizer and disinfectant surface spray.
    Our product is a plant based disinfectant that is safe to use and environmentally friendly.
    The base product is the newest generation of biodegradable QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compound).

    QAC was developed by CSIR and registered by the NCRS in 2017. The base product has been laboratory tested and under laboratory conditions and killed 99.99% of pathogens tested.
    Our disinfectant is a QAC and has been recognized as an effective means of killing viruses including the novel COVID-19.

    Product Highlight

    We supply Surgical Gloves and Masks including InfraRed Thermometer, N95 and FFP2 Respiratory masks.
    Please refer to our price list for more information.

    Experience & Clientele

    We are compliant with the OHS Act ISO9001 with emphasis on Safety First approach that our customers know us for.

    Product List

    Full Product List

    Download Mango Management Services Product List.

    Product List

    Masks & InfraRed Thermometer

    Prices available on request

    N95 Respiratory Mask
    Over 95% Protection Success
    Prices available on request

    3 Ply Surgical Disposable Mask
    Prices available on request

    FFP2 / KN95 Mask
    Prices available on request

    Cloth Mask
    Prices available on request

    Pest Control Bait Boxes

    Prices are charged per Square Meter

    Service Costs

    Deep Cleaning Service
    Prices are charged per Square Meter

    Sanitizing Service
    Prices are charged per Square Meter

    Fumigation Service
    Prices are charged per Square Meter

    Surgical Gloves Unpowdered

    Prices available on request

    Hand Sanitizer

    Advanced Formula Hand Sanitizer with 70% Ethanol Content.
    Prices available on request

    50ml | 500ml | 750ml | 1L | 5L | 25L

    About Us

    We are a 100% Black Owned Level One (135%) B-BBEE contracting company that has provided Hygiene and Sanitation solutions to Public
    and Private Sector clients nationally across the country.

    We pride ourselves in rendering exceptional service that is founded
    on values such as Honesty, Reliability and Quality.
    We have earned a reputation as the trusted contractor.
    We are reliable in undertaking any project size.

    Kindly get in touch with us at